Avon SpaFinder Back Massager

An important part of any skin care regimen is to gently remove dead skin and to give gentle pressure to the skin to stimulate blood flow. While this can be easy enough to do on your hands and feet, it is much harder to do on your back! How can you reach back there to get your back clean and healthy? The answer is this back massager, in theory.

Avon SpaFinder Back Massager This fairly large piece of plastic has suction cups that attach to the bath tub wall. The little spikes and nubs then stick out towards your back, and when you're taking a shower and all lathery you can rub up against it to exfoliate your back.

Problem number one is that it's held on by suction cups. Yes, I agree that you probably don't want to be drilling holes in your shower tub wall :) However, suction cups are not really strong. This means when you're pushing up against this with your back, if you use any sort of force the unit slides rather than scrubbing your back. You have to touch it very lightly - which sort of interferes with the scrubby ability. You can barely touch the "fingers" that stick out, and can't get down to the nub parts.

Second, these are hard plastic nubs. So it's not a gentle scrubbing a la a loofa sponge. It's more like dragging your skin across rather sharp plastic pointy things. Which is better than nothing, but I wouldn't call it a "massage" or really healthy.

Still, I was about to give this away to BigBrother BigSister as a donation and my boyfriend stepped in. Apparently he feels this is better than nothing and is trying to use it. We have tried several other hand held devices in the past and they're just too hard to use so maybe this can be considered one of the better items on the market, even if it isn't perfect.

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