Spalicious Cucumber Face and Body Mask review

This is one of the few masks that I'm able to find that is a 'real mask' - i.e. that you actually keep it on your face for 15-30 minutes and it's a clay-like consistency. It seems that everybody is going towards the gel masks, and towards the 5-minute quickie style. I like a nice, long clay mask to really help draw gunk out of the pores, so I was very encouraged to find this. Not only that, but this is formulated to work on the entire body, which can be a very luxurious experience.

It's a nice, large tube of mask, although for whatever reason it is relatively hard to squeeze the mask out of the tube. I had to put the tube sideways down on the counter and press down with my fist to get it to come out at times. Maybe the opening is a bit small, for how thick it is. The mask itself is a light green, as you might imagine for cucumber, and relatively thick. It doesn't seem to have any real aroma, or if it does, it is really faint.

The mask dries nicely, and as I've said, I really like clay masks that stay on for a while. You can really feel them working, as they dry and pull the dirt and sludge out of your pores.


9 oz tube

Detox Mask

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