3 Minute Purifying Pineapple Mask review

Yves Rocher makes a series of three minute masks and I really find these things amazing. They come in nice little 1.7oz tubes, easy to carry or to keep on your bathroom counter. You can literally put one on, brush your teeth, wash off the mask and be all set - super quick and easy!

Ah, but does it work? I admit when I first got these I was cynical. But I am a true convert. The purifying mask is a clear, light yellow color and really does have a gentle pineapple aroma. Nothing heavy and obnoxious, just a gentle hint of pineapple.

You smooth on the gel and it dries very quickly, so you can go about your normal morning tasks for the 3 minutes it takes. Trim your nails, brush your teeth. Then you rinse the gel off again, you can even do it just with your hands. You don't need a washcloth. And it really does make your face feel MUCH cleaner! For example I used this on my face over 1/2 hour ago and right now while I type this, my face still feels *clean*. It feels fresh and alive, and even seems a bit firmer than normal.

Highly recommended for daily use, when you don't have time for a longer-time mask!

1.7 oz

Detox Mask

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