3 Minute Softening Peach Mask review

These little 1.7oz tubes from Yves Rocher are perfect for keeping on your counter or carrying along in your purse. Since they only take 3 minutes to do their job, they're also great for quick picker uppers! You can literally put one one, trim your toenails, and the mask is ready when you're done.

But does it work? Well, the aim of this mask is not to deep clean. It's a quick softening agent, with peach extract in it. The color is a lovely light peach, in a translucent gel. The aroma is nice and fresh peachy as well. It goes on smoothly, and washes off quite nicely. And yes, my skin felt soft afterwards.

It's well worth adding this into your morning routine, for days that you don't have time for a longer mask!

1.7 oz

Detox Mask

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