Perfectly Pampered - Lotus + Ginseng

Amusingly, the first package I bought of Lotus Flower + Ginseng from the Perfectly Pampered line was empty. The foil pouch had completely no product at all inside. I wrote them and told them to check into their quality control :) I did go back and buy another one, since I did really want to try this mask.

This is their "detox your skin - cleanse" mud mask. It's a light green color and has a light, fresh scent - sort of herbal, sort of minty. I imagine it might be lotus flowery, but I've never smelled a lotus flower to know. It spread on quite smoothly, and tingled for the 10 minutes it was on my face.

It's easy to know when a mask clears out your pores, but it's harder to know if a mask has "detoxified" you. I suppose really what a mask means by detoxify is that it cleaned out your pores of the grimes and "toxins" that were in there. In that sense, this mask did work really well. My face felt fresh and clean when I was done.

I really like these single-use packets, which are perfect for bringing along on trips or mix-and-matching on your bathroom counter.

Well recommended!

.5oz foil pouch

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