Perfectly Pampered - Dead Sea Salt + Seaweed

I tend to really enjoy the Perfectly Pampered line. They are in convenient foil pouches, smell lovely and work well.

This mask was a thickish green-blue and like a soft, smooth lotion, with a really fresh, interesting aroma that was of course a bit salty. It did make you think of an oceanside resort. It went on smoothly and dried reasonably well. Washing it off was quite easy, and my skin did feel fresh and rejuvinated afterwards.

One time that I used it my eyes watered and my face stung, but that didn't happen on other uses, so my face might just have been extra sensitive on that day.

The merits of seaweed have been known for thousands of years, and just about every spa you go to will offer a seaweed wrap as one of their standard treatments. If you've never had a seaweed wrap done to you, be sure to give this a try!

.5oz foil pouch

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