Perfectly Pampered - Aloe Vera + Ginseng

In general, I really like the Perfectly Pampered line with their convenient foil pouches and well made products. I find that I'm not as fond of the aloe vera leaf + ginseng exfoliating mask, however.

Here's the thing. An exfoliation is a scrub that removes dead skin cells. You want to do the scrub and then wash that gunk off. A mask is a gooey layer of stuff you put on your face to connect to the things deep in your pores, so that when the mask dries, it connects to that pore-gunk and lifts it away. This product tries to be an exfoliator AND a mask. Meaning you put goo on your face, you scrub it around to get all the dead skin cells moving, and then you let it sit on your face for 10 minutes.

I've really found in the past that products that try to do too many things at once don't end up doing any of those things very well. The scrubbing felt a little gooey, and the "particles" that were used in the mix for the scrubbing were on the large side. It made my nose, cheeks and forehead turn red even though I was being very gentle during the 1 minute scrubbing time. Then I let it sit for 10 minutes, as instructed. It really didn't dry at all, meaning that it didn't really get a chance to connect to and pull out the gunk in my pores as it dried. Plus, of course, the stuff sitting on my face included the dead skin cells and such that I had just scrubbed off.

The mixture itself was a tan-brown color with darker specks in it that were the scrubbing agents. The aroma was light and vaguely earthy, nothing really bad or good there.

Getting the goo off my face, since it didn't dry (even after extra time), was a trick. I literally had to put my face under the running water of the faucet, to get some of the goo spots off. When I was done, my face didn't feel "clean" or "fresh" or "soft" or such as with other masks. If anything, it felt a little swollen. I've used a ton of masks, so I don't really think I was allergic to something in here, it's probably more likely that scrubbing my face and then having it sit under goo for 10 minutes wasn't its idea of a fun time.

.5oz foil pouch

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