Totally Juicy Tangering Crackling Clay Masque review

You can tell that this product was done with a lot of marketing. It is all about the image - "totally juicy", "fresh squeezed for fresh skin". Still, citrus has this reputation for washing away oil, just look at all the citrus floor cleaning products and such that are on the market. I decided to give it a try.

The package says it "banishes oil" which would be a trick, since oil is made by 'pumps' in your skin that you can't really yank out of your skin. The most you can do is wash away the oil that is on your face. So the purified clay cannot "keep oil away" as says the package. Also the package says it is "leaving you with perfectly scupted skin". I really doubt this mask is somehow redefining your face's sculpture :)

So, anyway, I shook it up and squoze some out. It came out *separated* - i.e. a gooey whiter paste and a clearer orange goo. I tried to mix it in my hands to get it back into solution, with not great results. It ended up a light orange substance, not very thick, more creamy than clay.

OK, fine. I spplied it to my face, avoiding the eye area, as directed. They said in 10 minutes I should do the "smile test" and that if it cracled "it's done its magic!" Hmmmm, it was not dry after 10 minutes, and I didn't put it on very thickly, either. At about 1/2 hr I finally decided to wash it off again even though there were still a few moist spots. The crackle test never really worked.

Yes like just about any other mask it did make my skin feel softer, but it wasn't exceptional.

Not highly recommended.

$4.99 / 6 oz tube

Detox Mask

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