Mudd 5 Minute Spa Treatment Masque review

Compared to some of the other masks I've tried, you can tell that Mudd knows what it's doing. You pay a bit more for this mask, but I really do feel that it's worth it.

For starters, the mask is 100% natural clay with papaya, grapefruit and cucumber in it. These are all traditional mask substances that have known healthy properties to them. The mix was never tested on animals, always nice. It only takes 5 minutes, which is perfect when your day is busy.

When you squeeze this out, you get a peach/pink colored "frothy" clay which has a really cool texture. The coverage is just great - you smooth it on and it evenly covers your face. No worries about bare spots or worrying that you pores are not being saturated. You get this feeling even while putting it on that "this is going to do a good job".

After 5-10 minutes the mask is indeed mostly dry and ready to come off. My skin is soft and fresh feeling afterwards. Unlike other masks who make outrageous claims on their labels, Mudd is very straightforward. They say it helps you clean and tighten your pores, and that it has a nice fragrance. This is all completely true - my face is definitely much cleaner and healthier feeling when I finish using this product.

Highly recommended!

$5.29 / 6 oz tube

Detox Mask

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