Model Secrets Exfoliating Mud Mask Facial

I really like the one-use foil pouch idea of the Model Secrets line - but I have to say that this particular style violates one of my primary principles. That is, it tries to do too many things at once and therefore doesn't do any of them well. In this case, the Exfoliating rejuvenate Mud Mask Facial tries to be both an exfoliating facial scrub and a sit-on-face beauty mask.

They say that the mask is a mix of aloe vera, apricot, almond and walnut. When you squeeze it out of the foil, it seems almost like a lumpy custard, sort of tan in color. The smell was vaguely apricot - but it was also vaguely "off". I've used a lot of masks and scrubs with apricot and aloe vera in them, so I'm not sure what the "off" part of the smell was. We all react to smells differently so maybe you'll find this smell to be wonderful. It just wasn't that pleasing at all to me.

When you spread it on your face, you do feel the fairly large-sized granules scrubbing away. The granules were larger than I normally would like for a face mask. Once I was done with the scrub, I now had to let that scrubbed up dirt and dead skin sit on my face for 5 minutes. This is what I mean about trying to do multiple things at once. Normally when you have a scrub, you do the scrub and then wash it all off immediately. When you have a mask, you put it on clean skin and let it sit, working its way to the "inner deep" dirt stuck in your pores. It just doesn't seem great to try to do those two things at the exact same time.

Plus, this said it was a "mud mask". It really wasn't. It was a creamy mask, and it never really dried out. So after the instructed 5 minutes, I rinsed off the still-creamy stuff. My face actually had some red spots on it after this process, something I'd only very rarely had happen with other cheaper products.

So, in any case, this just isn't a great fit for me. I would really recommend getting a good exfoliator/buff if you want to clean off dead skin cells - and getting a quality mask to put on clean skin, to clear out those pores. It's much better in my opinion to do those two steps entirely separately, and not try to mush them together into one operation.

.5oz foil pouch

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