Freeman Peel-Off Cucumber Melon Ginseng Masque

I am a HUGE huge fan of peel-off masks. It is becoming harder to find them these days! In essence you put a layer of goo on your face, let it dry, and then you get to peel it off as a solid sheet. The beauty of this is that you can LOOK at that mask and see all of the gunk that it drew up from your face. You can literally see how much it cleaned your face up. It's very rewarding.

So I was very happy to find the Freeman cucumber, melon and ginseng clarifying peel-off masque. Out of the tube it's a clear gel, very sticky, almost like rubber cement. The aroma is wonderful, a fresh cucumbery / melon aroma as you might imagine. Despite its rubber cementy toughness it does in fact smooth on rather well, leaving your face with a transparent mask on it. Make sure you put a THIN layer on your face. Remember, in only 5-10 minutes this has to dry to such a hardness that you can peel it off as a solid unit. That's not an easy trick!

Once the mask has solidified into a solid layer, the fun begins. You find an edge of the mask and gently start to peel. It's a VERY nice sensation as that mask comes off, lifting all the grime and grit on your face with it. You of course wash your face before you use the mask - so it's amazing to see just how much dirt normal washing tends to leave behind, stuck in your pores. The mask is great at "squishing" into those various pores, connecting with the dirt in there and lifting it out. Again, you can literally see all of that dirt and gunk as you peel off the mask and look at it.

My face feels fresh and clean for hours afterwards, truly freed of the grime stuck in the pores.

Highly recommended!

6oz tube

Detox Mask

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