Face Food Avocado + Mint Mask

Talk about an odd product! :) First, it comes in a bright orange foil pouch, one serving size. It really appears they're appealing to pre-teens here with this one. There's a picture of what appears to be a 13 yr old on the front :) That and a large picture of an avocado, with gooey green "gunk" coming out of it. Yup, that's what the mask looks like. Gooey and green. It does in fact have a nice consistency. The aroma? I suppose it smells like an avocado that is minty. I found this OK, and depending on whether or not you like avocados, you might have a stronger opinion about this.

The mask went on well, and once I washed it off my face did feel clean and fresh. Since it didn't feel cleanER or freshER than other products I've tried before, I personally probably wouldn't go back with this one again, though. I just would rather have a different fragrance involved on my face all that time, vs feeling like I'd stuck my face in the vegetable bin of my supermarket. That's just me, though. If you really love avocado and want to feel surrounded by it, this is the mask for you.

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