Aveeno Clear Complexion Cleansing Mask review

The Aveeno cleansing mask is a salicylic acid blemish treatment, for clear, smooth even-looking skin. It says it helps prevent breakouts. So this is a combination of mask and acne medication.

Normally I don't like to combine multiple actions in one product, as it tends to mean that neither job is done well. For example, other masks I've tried that had acne medication in them tended to cause irritation. Your entire face doesn't typically need an entire layer of acne medication embedded into it! However, I found this one to be VERY mild. So if it's a mild, gentle infusion of medication that you get as an extra side benefit while you have your mask, that doesn't seem to be a bad thing.

The cream itself is a gentle, green cream that has a nice amount of clayiness to it. It spreads on a bit thin, but has enough of a texture that it does still cover smoothly and well. It dries relatively quickly, too, in about the 5 minutes they say to leave it on your skin.

The aroma is a fresh, "green" sort of smell, perhaps like cucumbers or grass. It is pleasant enough and makes this mask a refreshing one to wear. There is a hint of medical aroma to it, especially after it's been on your face for a few minutes, which is also when your face probably will begin to tingle. Again, it's the compromise you make by trying to do two things at once.

When I took this mask off my face, my skin was sort of puffy and shiny. Normally my skin is fresh and clean looking, but this looked more like the skin was sort of irritated by the mask. So again, I think it might be bes to use a clean, regular mask - and then put acne cream on afterwards to the spots that need it.

Maybe Recommended for serious acne.

$6.99 for 4oz tube

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