Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe

Vaseline has been in the lotion / skin care business for many, many years and is well respected by both home users and by hospitals. In this case, the lotion blend includes aloe, which is well known for its sunburn healing properties. In general, aloe vera is a green succulent plant from Africa that naturally helps skin issues. Even the Greeks knew about this wonderous plant.

The lotion is very thin, with a light green color. There is only a slight aroma, and it is a mild smell that doesn't really seem to be of herb, spice or anything else identifiable. I have had aloe plants in the past and it doesn't even seem to smell of aloe.

The lotion does dry quickly, but when it is dry the skin seems sort of 'tacky', not smooth. This might be a candidate to put on and then put on socks or sweatshirt / sweatpants over (depending on where you need the lotion) to keep that area clean and protected.

325 ml / $3.49

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