Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E Creme

This cream says it has cocoa butter and vitamin E, to "smooth and blend unattractive marks". The problem is that neither vitamin E nor cocoa butter really soak in to the dermis layer of the skin. They can help smooth out the top, dead skin layer, but not affect the underlying dermis layers.

I have to say, the aroma just doesn't appeal to me much. It smells like you're smearing butter on yourself, with a hint of 'bad chocolate' to it. It makes me feel like cooking supplies are rotting on my body :) It's not a clean, refreshing, or relaxing aroma. It smells like something I want to wash back off of myself.

In fact if you look up cocoa butter, it is an "edible vegetable fat from cocoa beans". It's the primary ingredient in making chocolate. Part of cocoa butter's interest is that it melts at just above body temperature - so it is perfect for chocolate treats.

In essence you get 5 IU/oz with the cocoa butter, which is not 100% of the mix. A Vitamin-E Multivitamin gives you about 500 IUs, so really what you get in a lotion isn't very much, never mind the fact that it doesn't really absorb through the skin anyway.

Not recommended

$3.99 for a 106g tube

Cleansing Lotion

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