Neutrogena Whisper Light Body Lotion

Neutrogena's white, very light lotion comes in a plastic pump container, making it easy to dispense lotion in various amounts without making a giant mess. The lotion has a mild fragrance - not exactly floral, maybe a bit spicy / musky. You might find this pleasant, or you might find this unrelaxing. It might be wise to use this on body parts far from your nose at first, until you see how you enjoy the aroma.

The pump idea is a nice one - but as with all pumps, you're relying on a thin straw to draw the lotion out. As you near the bottom, it is hard to get those remnants out - there will be lotion left behind, at the bottom and edges of the container.

The lotion itself is very light, and absorbs nicely. It leaves a smooth, non-sticky feeling. This is great for a gentle lotioning, but it is not very thick at all and might not be suitable for a real, thick-lotion application.

Not a favorite of mine, because of the aroma and the over-lightness.

8 oz

Cleansing Lotion

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