Montagne Jeunesse Deodorising Foot Cooler

This cool foil package is shaped like a pair of blue feet, squished together. There is WAY more than enough in here for a pair of feet - which then makes you feel like you want to save the rest for another day. That might be hard, to keep the lotion moist enough for a second round.

Why is that? Because the very thin lotion dries almost immediately, and turns into a cool talc powder. Unlike other foot lotions that are creamy and melt into your skin, this one dries into a soft powder. The lotion as it starts is VERY thin and watery, because it has to be able to dry well. This is good for drying but hard for applying. You need to be in a bathtub to put this on your feet, because there are going to be blue drips in several places before you're done.

The aroma is "iced blueberry and balm mint", which I found to be reasonably pleasant. The lotion is listed as being anti-bacterial; I'm not sure how I would test that. I did find that it went on easily (if a bit drippily). The cool foot foil shape proved a little tricky here. I did one foot, and wanted to put a sock on it to protect it while I worked on the second foot. However, the only way to put the foil foot down was flat, meaning the lotion could easily leak out before I got to the second foot. In any case, there is a lot of goo in the container so it wasn't a big deal.

Once both feet were done and socked, as I said, I had a fair amount of lotion left. The feet felt "tingly" and powdered, not heavy and lotioned. It was sort of odd to have them tingling and I wasn't sure if it was a pleasant tingling or a "allergic reaction" tingling. It did feel "cool" as in sort of cold. So I suppose depending on your personal preference this might be really good, or it might feel sort of odd.

In fact I had enough leftover to do both of my boyfriends' feet - with extra thick layers! He said it smelled like honeydew melon, and enjoyed it. Even an hour and two later, our feet felt soft, tingly and clean.

If your feet are feeling tired, though, this is well worth a try!

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