Loreal Revitalift Eye Creme

There's a reason that there are special creams marketed just for the eye. The skin around your eye is VERY delicate. Be very careful when doing anything with your eyes - putting in contacts, touching it in any way. This skin is easily damaged and wrinkled, which is why your age can usually be seen first in eye wrinkles.

The Loreal Revitalift Eye Creme comes in a VERY tiny container, only .5oz of goo in a container that makes it look like it's larger than that.

The creme is yellowish in color and has a faintly musky aroma to it. You only dab it on in small amounts and smooth it onto the eye area - below the eye, at the side of the eye. I also put a bit on my forehead, in the area that wrinkles traditionally form.

Does it work? Who can really know. Wrinkles form very slowly, over time, and are to a great proportion genetic. So if you don't get wrinkles, it could be a genetic gift. If you get wrinkles early, it could be poor genetics or that you either smoke or have had too much sun exposure. Sleep also plays a huge role in how your eyes look. You need to get ample sleep each night for them to look young and fresh.

On the other hand, all skin needs moisture to stay healthy, and the skin around your eyes is very thin. People look at your eyes when they talk to you. So this combination makes it important to take care of your eye area - and to use a lotion that is formulated to handle that area. I definitely find that my eye area feels better and looks fresher when I use this cream there.

As far as price goes, the price is about on par with other lotions of this type. You use it drop by drop, so it does last a while.

In the end, my only real knock against this cream vs say Olay's is that Olay drops out the drops via a pump, meaning the rest of the cream always stays sterile and clean. This is REALLY important when you're putting the cream near your eyes. With this Loreal cream, you are sticking your fingers (which are not necessarily sterile) into a vat, in essence contaminating it all with whatever bacteria lingers on your fingers. This might not be bad on day 1 or day 2, but by day 20 of twice a day finger intrusions, I imagine that cream isn't exactly sterile any more. So for that reason, I prefer the pump method.

NOTE: The Amazon standard description for Loreal Revitalift Eye Cream - loaded by AmericaRx - somehow has MY review as their standard product description. I want to make it clear that I wrote this review first on my personal website, and that those sellers on Amazon then used my words without my permission.

.5 oz for $17.04

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