Jojoba Oil Body Lotion review

This lotion comes from Crabtree & Evelyn in various sizes. It is a light, white, creamy lotion, very mild and gentle. Where its texture is very light, its aroma is very rich, with a strong, floral scent. This might appeal to you - or you might find it a little too strong for your liking. I would advise starting with a small size container to see how it appeals to you.

At first I tend to find this too light, almost too watery. But it aborbs in quite well, and does not feel greasy at all once it is absorbed. That makes it perfect for use on the hands or pretty much anywhere you want moisture without a slimy feeling.

If you're curious, jojoba oil comes of course from the jojoba plant in the southwestern US. It's prized because its oil is very gentle and similar to human natural oils. This makes it great for use on skin and hair.

Cleansing Lotion

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