Camille Beckman Glycerine Rosewater

If you haven't tried a glycerine creme before, it's important to know that it is not quite like a lotion. Glycerine is a colorless, odorless fat that makes an ideal base for food, skin products, and other items. It's even found in wine and beer. It helps give a bit of "body" to a product without affecting how it tastes or smells.

For skin care, glycerine in essence coats the skin with a layer of thickish oil, so that moisture is kept in. It also means your hands remain a bit sticky for a short while afterwards. Glycerine is often used for hands and feet, where a soft sock or mitten is put on afterwards to keep the glycerine from rubbing off. If I can wait the five or ten minutes, I simply put it on and wait for it to absorb in. I *love* the way my hands feel after I use this,

The Camille Beckman white tub of glycerine has a nice, light pink color and soft rose aroma. It has a cool rosebud on top too :). The tub is easy to scoop the glycerine out of, and the cream goes on smoothly. It does remain sticky immediately after you put it on, but as I mentioned, this is normal. I use this on my feet when I'm relaxing, putting clean socks on over the glycerine and letting it soak in. I love putting it on my hands. In fact there are times that I'll be typing away, and my fingers will feel a little rough, and I'll go get some cream to put on. It's like my fingers crave the lotion :) It's definitely much better for my hands than pretty much any other lotions I've tried.

The only downside here is that it's a bit expensive, and it's not found in most grocery stores. So you need a specialty shop near you that carries it, or you have to order it from the web.

8 oz for $14

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