Body Shop Intensive Foot Rescue Lotion

I went out to Vegas on a business trip and we walked probably 10 miles a day there. My feet were KILLING me by the end of the trip. In the airport as we waited to go home, I went into a body shop and bought this 100ml container of peppermint intensive foot rescue. I also got a pair of cotton socks. I put the lotion on right there in the airport.

The lotion is very thick, and goes on nicely. The aroma is quite nice, fresh and pepperminty. It made my feet feel very nice, soothed, freshened. It's even a pale pink color.

I use the lotion now whenever my feet are tired and achey. I get an old pair of soft socks, massage the lotion in and then put on the socks. It really does wonders for helping my feet feel better again.

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