Body Image Sweet Citrus Lotion

Interestingly, it's not just the lotion that affects you but also the aroma that it has. Let's say you take two lotions that are exactly the same in lotion, but one smells soothing and lavendery, while the other smells sharp and citrussy. You will have different types of reactions as you wear each one on your body, smelling those aromas all day long.

Normally I go with the relaxing lotions, but I use the Sweet Citrus as a morning lotion, i.e. putting it on after taking a morning shower. What a boost! The lotion itself is smooth and non-greasy, going on smoothly and absorbing rather quickly. It leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturized, without a greasy or oily feeling.

The fresh, citrus scent is really fresh and enlivening without being an in-your-face blast of grapefruit or other particular aromas. Even many hours later, the scent was noticeable without being overwhelmind.

Well recommended!

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