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For whatever reason, I tend to sweat heavily. I both get very moist, and it has a strong odor. I get very nervous in public, so it makes it even worse if everyone is looking at me and I start to sweat! I also am trying to go out walking more, to get some low key exercise, and I would rather not meet up with friends in a situation where they want to walk 10 feet ahead of me.

I've tried probably every deodorant and anti-perspirant on the market. They all work to varying degrees, but each has its issues. Some have a built in smell which is too powerful. Many simply don't keep the wetness away.

I am really impressed, therefore, with this Dove clinical protection. First, on the odor side. The built in aroma is there, but is very light. I don't mind this aroma at all. It does completely block any body odor.

On the dampness side, it does an awesome job there too. If I'm in a situation where usually my nerves would cause me to sweat heavily, this keeps me dry. Which then means I'm more calm, and it's a positive feedback loop.

I do want to make a comment to people who are doing heavy aerobic workouts and wanting not to sweat. It is actually important for your body to regulate its temperature with sweat while you do those sorts of workouts. When you're doing mild activity - say going out for a walk with friends, or on a light bike ride on a bike path - it's certainly reasonable to block your sweat so your can do this "social activity" without aroma. But if you're doing something more serious like lifting weights or running, I wouldn't wear an anti-perspirant. Wear a wicking fabric, but let your body regulate its heat.

Highly recommended!

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