Aromatherapy - Aromas and Meanings

Aromatherapy is not some sort of arcane, made-up science. There are well known associations between certain smells and certain physical reactions. Smells are simply combinations of chemicals - and the body reacts to those chemicals in known ways. Some chemicals cause us to fall asleep - other chemicals cause us to become more awaken.

In addition to these built-in reactions, we also learn reactions over time. If you grow up and always go with your grandmother to pick strawberries, and this is a wonderful memory of yours, then you will have happy thoughts when you smell a strawberry aroma. If you on the other hand always smell oranges when you go to a dentist you hate, then the smell of oranges might cause unhappy feelings. So in the end aroma reaction is a combination between the natural reactions your body tends to have and the learned reactions that you develop over your own lifetime.

Here are some traditional aromas and reactions that most people have.

Citrus is a very acidic, sharp, fresh aroma. There is a reason people drink things like orange juice and grapefruit juice in the morning - this aroma tends to wake you up and refreshen you. Citrus is great for a morning wash or a mid-day rejuvinating splash.

One of the best known scents for calming and relaxing. There are lavender bath soaps, lavender lotions, lavender pillows, and much more.

The aroma of romance and first love. Rose petals have been used since the days of the Greeks and Romans to celebrate love and romance.

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