Pregnancy - Gaining Weight - How Much?

Many new mothers worry about gaining too little or too much weight during pregnancy. They compare their own body, which is unique and has its own weight, mass, height, body fat, and other aspects, to book īgenericī models.

The basic answer is to NOT compare what you are doing to what anybody else is doing as far as healthy weight gain. It could be, if you werenīt eating very heathily before, that you actually lose weight once you realize you are pregnant and eat better. It could be that you were underweight and gain a lot once you start taking proper care of yourself. It could be that your body is lacking in a certain nutrient and you naturally eat a lot of a certain food to make up for it, causing strange weight gain patterns.

Your overall goal should be to eat enough and to eat healthily. This is NOT the time to start a diet or to start any gigantic exercise program. You should eat healthy food, eat regularly so that you are not hungry, and exercise reguarly so you stay in shape (or get in shape). Your body now has to care for two, and you need enough nutrients in your system for both of you. You need your body to be in shape and healthy in order to carry the weight of the baby and to go through labor and post-partum recover without being weakened by it.

While some books claim you should only gain 2 pounds during the first 3 months, I easily know many women who gained far more than that, and some that lost weight. I know some women who gained 20 pounds during their pregnancy. I know that I gained 60 pounds before my son was born, and shed it all in no time once he was out. It all depends on YOU and your body. Donīt let a book dictate what your own body style, body mass, body weight and exercise level mean to you.

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