Dealing with Sore Nipples

It´s normal for nipples to be a bit sore at first, but a soreness that lasts indicates that something needs to be looked into. Here are some common things to look into.

Proper Latching
When the baby is drinking milk normally, it should have the entire nipple in its mouth, and its lips should be on the breast part. If instead the baby ´bites down´ on the nipple itself, this will naturally hurt. Try to reseat your nipple in the baby´s mouth so that the nipple part is safely inside the baby´s mouth.

Breastfeed Regularly
If you feed the baby every 2-3 hours, it will not be really hungry each time, and will suck gently. If the baby is really hungry when he/she goes to feed, the suction created will hurt your breast, and cause damage.

Avoid Engorgement
If your breasts become engorged, it can become hard for the baby to form the seal, causing the baby to improperly latch. Try to relax before feeding - take a long shower, express some milk, so that the baby has an easier time of it.

Use Lotions
Some cracking is normal as your breasts get used to this schedule. Be sure to get baby-safe lotions to help soothe them as they develop the routine.

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