Finding your Inner Mama

There are countless child care books out there that tell you how to raise the perfect child, how to precisely educate a 2 year old, how to deal with tantrums, how to solve every problem from sleepless nights to bed wetting. Most of these books aim to have you create a picture-perfect baby in a smiling, happy family.

Most parents, though, discover that a baby isn't ruled by a book. The child simply won't sleep - it won't stop crying. Our emotions, despite our best efforts, can swing through all sorts of thoughts. That is where the stories of Finding your Inner Mama come in.

This collection of stories from many different mothers in different stages of rearing helps to show the diversity of emotions that motherhood can bring about - and show that they are all OK. Sometimes you don't bond instantly with a child when she is born. Sometimes the traumas of a hostile teenager can wear away at you. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, that toddler is going to scream for an hour or more. The stories help you to understand that yes, this is OK, this happens. You have to release your preconceived notions of "perfect child" or "a pat solution to every problem" and go with the situation.

Well recommended.

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