Pregnancy - Pregnancy and Exercise

The best mother is a healthy mother. A pregnant woman needs to make sure she stays in shape to have a smooth labor and recovery.

Several complaints that some have about pregnancy - sore back, fatigue, etc. - are often symtpoms of that woman being out of shape more than the pregnancy itself. The better shape the woman is in, the better her body is prepared to react to the changes and "carry the load" during the pregnancy period. It also helps with postpartum blues.

Use common sense when choosing how to exercise. A pregnant mom shouldn´t participate in high-contact sports, like boxing or martial arts sparring. Anything that might involve blows to the stomach would be bad. But most normal activities - like jogging, yoga, swimming, walking, etc., are highly recommended.

The baby´s world is the pregnant mom´s body. Anything the mom can do to keep her body healthy and taken care of will help the baby grow properly.

Pregnancy Tips

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