The Official Guide to Dysfunctional Parenting

It's interesting - this is clearly a joke book, but it actually has good advice in it that makes you pay attention to the way you interact with children. On one hand it has (hopefully) quite joking commentary such as:

"Be sure not to put your kids in your will,
or they will kill you."

On the other hand, right on the opposite page they have a cartoon with a distraught mother. She calls out to her husband,

"Bob, Bob, Lionel only hit four out of five developmental milestones this month!"

I really find that quite admirable. Yes, it's a fun joke book, and there were several entries in there that I laughed out loud at. But they slide in a number of sly comments that remind you just how important a job parenting is - and to do it in a healthy manner.

The book says, for example, "pick one night a month when the family can eat together." Many families out there DO only eat all together once or twice a month!

It's a great book to give as a present to any parent or parent-to-be in your life, and grab a copy for yourself too. You might find it actually nudges you to be more mindful in your parenting techniques!

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