Breast Milk for Healthy Babies

While science may have achieve many things, the healthiest meal for a baby is still the natural milk of his or her mother. To start with, breast milk contains all of the important vitamins and minerals that a baby needs. No surprise, since this was natureīs way of helping baby humans grow up strong.

Breast milk also contains important antibodies to help a young child fight off illness. Babies who grow up on breast milk are far healthier than babies raised on alternatives. Since the babies are healthier, it also means that the family in general is less stressed, since it does not need to take time off of work and deal with an unhappy baby.

Breastfeeding is of course generally quick and easy. No packaging for the products, no money to spend buying them, no time spent heating it up, no extra waste afterwards. Itīs the most economical solution around.

It even helps the childīs physical development, since the actions of the breastfeeding baby strengthen its mouth and jaws properly.

If youīre an expecting or new mother, be sure to look into breastfeeding your child!

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