Pregnancy - Planning a Baby Shower

Baby showers are a rite of passage for just about every pregnant woman. It's a way to help the new family gather up all of the baby-related accessories that are necessary to care for the new infant. These range from clothing to diapers, from high chairs to cribs, from strollers to walkers to toys and bottles.

Whether the shower itself is a surprise or not, the first key to the shower is to make sure you're getting things the family actually needs! It's silly to spend lots of money on a crib if the family is already getting one from an aunt or uncle. You can spend $100 on a great high chair, but if the mother had her eye on THE perfect one in a store, she'll be disappointed.

So the first step is definitely to have the parents make up a wish list. Make sure they note styles of furniture, cloth or plastic diapers, and any other preferences they have. List both large and small gifts - some family members might want to put their funds together and get one large item.

Next, even if it's a surprise, make sure the day is definitely clear for the mom. You don't want your star attraction to be at the dentist!

Make sure you get your invitations out at least a month in advance, to give people to plan. Try to get most RSVPs in at least two weeks beforehand so you can figure out your seating and food. Some people enjoy baby showers at restaurants, while others would rather do it in the comfort of someone's home. Pot Lucks are extremely popular, which have the extra task of coordinating who brings what.

Whatever you choose, make sure it's something the mom would enjoy. If she's a comfy-at-home person, dragging her out to a fancy restaurant might just make her uncomfortable and nervous. On the other hand, if she loves to go out on the town, maybe a special night out is just what she needs!

Have one person responsible for recording the event with photos or video cameras, and have another person write down each gift and who it was from. This will be a GREAT help to the mom, who can just concentrate on enjoying the event and having fun!

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