moon in the cold -
only my own footsteps
on the bridge
- Taigi

Like most haiku, the Japanese words could be translated in a variety of ways. Here's another version -

moon in the cold -
the sound of the bridge
as I walk over it alone

This haiku reminds me of Basho's "kerplunk" haiku where part of it is the actual sound. In this case it's the clip-clop or soft plunk of the feet going over the bridge.

Tan Taigi was a poet in Japan who lived from 1709 to 1771. He became a priest when he was fourty. He enjoyed haiku in the "Basho style" and taught haiku to others. He enjoyed staying up all night long discussing haiku.

Here is a bookmark I made of this haiku. The image is a photo I took of a lovely bridge in St. Albans, England.


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