Theano of Crotona

Theano of Crotona was the wife of Pythagoras, and an equal to him intellectually. She lived during the 6th century BC, in Greece. Theano began as a student to Pythagoras and then later married him.

Theano and Pythagoras created a school which taught astronomy, music, mathematics and philosophy. These were considered to be important topics for men AND women to understand and expand. Theano and her three daughters, Arignote, Myia, and Damo, were all well known philosophers.

Pythagoras' work is still well known today. He created the pythagorean theorem and worked with right triangles. His wife was instrumental in much of this work. They also worked together on the "Golden Mean", a basis of Algebra.

When Pythagoras passed away, Theano took over the director post at the school.

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