Aspasia of Miletus - Periclean

Aspasia of Miletus was a famous philosopher in Athens, Greece in the days of Plato. Aspasia was born around 450BC, and first came to Greece with her sister's family from Ionia. In those days, the rules said that an Athenian guy could only have "legal Athenian citizens" if he married an Athenian girl. That meant that poor Aspasia had pretty much no suitors, being not-from-Athens. Few men wanted to risk marrying her and having outcast children.

Aspasia was very smart and turned to both philosophy and courtesans to fill her time and coffers. The young men in the area suddenly were very picky about who to marry - but wanted women to "have fun with" in the meantime. She moved in the highest social circles, and was the mistress of Pericles.

Aspasia had a son with Pericles, who they also named Pericles. The son became a great general. She was a well respected speaker and was acknowledged as a philosopher in the ranks of Plato and Socrates. Her wisdom was accepted by many of the rulers of the day.

After Pericles' death, she fell in love with Lysicles. With her help, Lysicles became a great speaker and socializer and took on public office.

Aspasia died around 410BC, having left behind a legacy of charisma and intelligence.

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