Existentialism Basics - The Matrix

Just what is existentialism all about? There are many schools of thought on this expansive philosophy. In many ways, Exitentialism is the philosophy of the Matrix movies.

There are two basic thoughts that underly most existentialist philosophies. The first will be very familiar to fans of the Matrix. This is that you cannot know for sure that anything exists but what you are conscious of. Does that dog at your side exist? You can feel him with your nerve endings on your fingers, see him with your eyes. But all you can be sure of is that your consciousness is getting these signals and interpreting them.

The second thought is that humans have an innate worry that is a fear of a loss of the consciousness. It sometimes is attached to a loss of a partner, or loss of a parent, or loss of physical items. But the worry is a normal part of being "alive". They feel that life is pain and suffering, and that this is normal. Many strict Christians and Jews have this same philosophy - that the world we live in is about suffering, and that the release from it only comes with death.

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