Martin Heidegger - Existential Philosopher

Martin Heidegger hailed from Germany and is famous for his work with the existentialist movement. He lived from 1889 to 1976.

As a younster, Martin was interested in both philosophy and theology. He studied with the Roman Catholics and pursued both their religious courses as well as philosophy courses. He enjoyed the works of Kierkegaard and Nietzsche. He in particular focussed on how angst and worry played a part in the daily life of most people.

Martin felt that most modern people had become so wrapped up in the acquisition of "things" that they had forgotten what was really important in life - what the meaning of life was all about. Jean Paul Sartre found Martin to be a great inspiration.

As Martin aged, he began to move away from his existential roots. He became more focussed on death and the nothingness that surrounded life.

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