Francois-Marie Voltaire Biography

Francois-Marie Voltaire lived from 1694 to 1778. He was a poet, writer and philosopher, and is associated with the metaphysical movement.

Voltaire grew up in Paris, with a rich family. He was well schooled as a child and showed a great interest in the theater and poetry. His parents tried to push him into a career in law, but Voltaire just was not interested in this.

Voltaire's love for poetry quickly got him into difficulties. A natural troublemaker, Voltaire began publishing poetry that made fun of those in power. He had to retreat to the country for safety. When he returned to Paris, he promptly got himself exiled again. Yet another incident got him tossed into the Bastille for almost a year.

After being "behaved", for a while, Voltaire once again ran into trouble, was tossed into prison and then exiled to England for three years. He then lives in France, Germany and Switzerland depending on who he had antagonized at the moment.

Voltaire was loved by many for his brilliant writings and his humanistic concerns. He died in 1778, back in Paris.

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