Metaphysics Basics

Just what are metaphysics all about? It is based on trying to find the TRUE nature of things - the nature beyond the basics "physics".

Note that the actual name Metaphysics came about by accident. Aristotle, the famous Greek philosopher, died in 322, leaving behind many writings. His family organized these into books on various topics. After they finished working on the Physics book, they turned their attention to the book on random content with diverse thoughts. They couldn't come up with a good title for this book so they simply called it "after physics" - or "Metaphysics".

The hope of those involved in metaphysics is that just as physics are defined by strict rules and theories that can be proven to work, that so can the interactions of humans and the morals, ethics and conventions that govern us all.

Metaphysics often discusses the basic concepts of reality, existence, nothingness, human meaning, and so on in the terms of concrete, scientific terms. These philosophers hope to extend physics to apply to those philosophies that we still have not fully documented.

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