The Fish Philosophy

The Fish Philosophy is the subject of a bestseller in the Wall Street Journal's business list and helps teach businesspeople how to raise morale in the officeplace.

Here are the basics of the Fish Philosophy. For all of the details, be sure to buy the book!

Be Sunny
Sure, you probably have to go to work each day. But how you choose to act while you're there, and how you choose to be affected by those around you, are completely under your control. If you give yourself a positive outlook on what the day might bring, it will affect your day and those around you.

Bring Fun to Work
Yes, you probably need to be professional, but there's always room for a smile, a joke, a friendly nod of encouragement. Put a cute postcard on your wall, bring up a new mind teaser each week.

Show you Care
Help those around you, and show people you remember the things they care about. It will help you all be a team instead of adversaries. Bring in sugar-free jellybeans, be interested in your co-worker's vacation stories. It helps to strengthen the lines of communication.

Really Pay Attention
It's extremely easy to let your mind wander when you're in meetings or talking to people. We are all trained to multitask and there are so many other things to think about. But really focus on who is talking to you and what is being said. It will help the conversation go by more quickly, and the person will sense that you actually paid attention and listened, and feel far more satisfied.

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