Lisa Waller - 1970s

I grew up in the 1970s, in Willimantic, Connecticut. While I was born in Maryland, we moved to Cameo Gardens in Willimantic CT when I was quite young. Then by the time I entered first grade we moved to Jackson Street.

I lived a fairly quiet life. I remember wearing ponchos and climbing crab-apple trees. I went to Natchaug Elementary School, which is still there! I used to walk to school. This is what our house looked like. It was a three family white house, with a porch across the entire front, at 217 Jackson Street. At the time it was just white and didn't have a fence. Apparently the house dates from the 1920s. It had a crab-apple tree out back.

Jackson Street Willimantic Connecticut

Looking at Google Maps it looks like they have now tore down the carriage house in the back yard, paved over the whole back yard, and the crab apple tree is long gone. I remember when we lived there that we had a tenant named Sandy, and she was being courted by a man whose last name was Beach. But she wouldn't marry him, because she didn't want to be Sandy Beach. She would raise kittens and give us some.

Looking on the web, in the 1940s this house was owned by the Bouregard family, from England. It was Alfgred and Chessy Bouregard, with their three kids.

We lived here until I graduated from fifth grade, which was the "end" of Natchaug. But when we moved to West Hartford, I was "back" in elementary school, as the schools there went up to sixth grade. I "skipped" kindergarten, so I believe we moved in the summer of 1979.

Lisa Waller - October 1971
Lisa Waller - 1970s
My mom, Ann Waller, took this photo. I was two and a half.

Lisa with Sarah Doetschman: 1972?
Lisa Waller - 1970s

Lisa and Sarah: 1998

Lisa Waller with neighbor Doren Koeck - mid 70s
Lisa Waller - 1970s
My bedroom, in traditional 1970s style.

Lisa with flowers - mid 70s?
Lisa Waller - 1970s

Lisa and Jenn with Kris and Natalie
Lisa Waller - 1970s

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