Tea Bag vs Tea Ball

Tea has been around for over 4,000 years. Over those years, people have come up with hundreds of different ways to keep the little tea leave bits from actually going down your throat. There has to be a "straining" step in the process somewhere. Some use a strainer on the teapot, some use a teaball to hold the leaves inside a metal sphere. Some use the teabag, which is a paper or cloth container for the leaves.

If you talk to tea experts, the discussion is sure to come up of tea bags vs non-tea bags. The issue is really one of price. Expensive teas don't tend to be put into tea bags. Therefore if you buy a tea bag, you're probably buying a really cheap - i.e. low flavor - type of tea. You make this trade-off because tea bags can be incredibly convenient. There's no strainer to clean, no tea ball to wash out. You just throw the tea bag out.

It's the difference between buying a frozen dinner and the fresh ingredients. It's far easier to toss the frozen dinner into the microwave and eat it without a fuss. But you need to at least know that it probably would have tasted better if you made the dinner yourself with the fresh ingredients. If you don't like a given tea, don't blame the tea itself. It might easily be that the bag you got was a low quality bag. To really judge a tea, get the fresh leaves and give it a "proper chance" to represent its flavors truely.

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