Proper Tea Storage

Tea is dried up leaves. You might think to yourself, why bother with storing them a certain way? They're already dried up. What can happen to them?

The answer is, of course, quite a lot. This isn't a piece of plastic we're talking about. It is organic material. Like all organic material, it can start to rot or mould if you give it a chance to. Crackers are dry after all - and we've all seen crackers get stale, mouldy or both :) Dry tea leaves are no different. You want them to stay fresh, flavorful, and healthy.

Therefore you need to store tea leaves somewhere dark and dry. If you let the leaves get humid, they can easily rot. Keep tea leaves out of a bathroom or dank basement! Most people keep their tea leaves in a cupboard by the stove somewhere. That's fine. Many teas come in tin containers to help them stay dry and dark.

Tea leaves do not have infinite lives. Again, they are organic. Most people feel that 6 months is about as long as a tea leaf will stay really fresh. It's not that it goes "bad" after that time period - but its flavors really fade. It's like with any sort of herb. If you took a container of oregano that was 3 months old - and then one that was 30 years old - you would really notice how fresh and flavorful the new container was.

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