Green Tea Diet / Weight Loss

With green tea having such a great reputation, it was only a matter of time before people began to tie green tea to a diet plan :)

It's very true of course that green tea has been used by the Chinese for medicinal reasons for over 4,000 years - and that its antioxidant properties are very strong. Drinking tea to stay healthy is a way of life for many - and healthy people tend to exercise more and take better care of themselves. So that is a base level reason that many drink tea.

All tea has caffeine in it. Caffeine revs up your metabolism and gives you a boost of energy. If you got yourself addicted to that caffeine, you would feel sluggy and tired when you did not drink caffeine. So many diet plans involve taking caffeine (or other heart stimulants) to give the person an energy boost, with the hope that they will start exercising. It is the motion and/or exercise that actually does the calorie burning that leads to weight loss.

There is some claim that tea helps to stabilize blood sugar levels - so if you eat carbs, they are absorbed more slowly. By not giving your body a sugar rush, you do not cause the energy spike and then plummet that follows. Normally, when people feel their blood sugar fall, they get both tired and hungry. They tend to be sedentary and eat more food. By evening out that cycle, the green tea helps people to retain their energy and not immediately go back for more food.

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