Tea Brewing / Boiling Instructions

Tea is in essence dried up tea leaves. That's all there is to it. How do you turn these dried up plant bits into a delicious drink?

The fun part of brewing tea is thinking that millions of people, over thousands of years, have done the exact same thing you are doing right now. They have contemplated it, studied it, tried different techniques.

Start with cold water. Just about any drink enthusiast can tell you that cold water tastes best when it is boiled. To take it a step further, start with cold NON-TAINTED water. Many waters nowadays are full of chlorine, rust, flouride, you name it. The better your water, the better your tea. After all, your tea is almost 100% water :)

Heat the water to boiling, in whatever method best suits your fancy. In England they have special electric teapots that heat water in under a minute, super convenient. In the US, most people use a microwave. The old fashioned tea kettle on the stove works too, but can take a LOOOONG time!

While you're doing this, pre-heat the pot or cup with hot water. This helps make sure that the tea you actually brew does not immediately cool down because it's sitting in a cold container. Pour this warming-water out just before adding the actual water to the container. Since you're not actually drinking this warming-water, you can get it right out of the tap.

Next, pour the water into either a pot or a cup depending on how much you're making. Add in the tea. A tea ball works best - this lets you use loose leaf without having it float around in your cup loose. A tea bag is less fresh but is sometimes convenient. Let it steep for 2-3 minutes. You will learn to trust your own judgement here. Some people like very strong tea, some people like it weak. It's all up to your own taste buds.

Finally, remove the ball or bag, and sip! Tea is not about rushing. It's about relaxing, savoring and enjoying.

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