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Greek Wedding Traditions

A wedding is always a time of celebration, and for the Greeks, celebrations always included food!

Koufetta is a key to any wedding celebration. These are bittersweet fresh almonds - symbolizing that marriage has both good and bad in it. Usually the ones for weddings are coated with sugar, to hope that the couple has more good than bad!

First, the wedding bed is sprinkled with these. Next, guests are given odd numbers of these in bags - odd to show that they can't be divided up evenly (i.e. that the couple is now indivisible). Unmarried women who save them to put under their pillow will dream about their own future husband.

Sourdough breads are very popular, with various decorations on them. The wedding cake itself is usually created with honey and quince. Other bread fun is often common - the bakers hide coins and even rings in the bread, and as they're eaten in pre-wedding festivities, it brings good luck.

Because food is so central, weddings can't be held during fasting holidays, because then nobody could be able to eat well!

As an added note, Greeks tend to wear their rings on the right hand. Also, because Greeks see this as a love match, there are no "vows". This isn't thought to be a contract forcing two people to say "legally" to each other that they will stay - it's meant to be a celebration of two people in love who already intend to be together forever.

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