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Historical Greek Drinking Parties

We know that the ancient Greeks loved to entertain, and loved good food and wine. The Greeks were one of the first wine producing nations, and their food and recipe affected countless cultures. One popular form of entertaining in Greece of the 5th century BC was the male drinking party.

Called a symposium, this gathering of men would follow a rich meal of traditional favorites. The women and children would be shooed from the room.

Greeks enjoyed eating and drinking while reclined, so couches would be placed around the room so the men could lounge on their sides. Low tables would present the glasses of wine and snacks - grapes and cheese - to nibble with it. The men might talk about philosophy, or dancing girls might keep them entertained. Garlands of flowers were a traditional highlight.

Many Grecian drinking vessels exist which depict these evenings, and were undoubtedly used to drink from at such parties. Plato even wrote "The Symposium" about such an event.

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