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What did Ancient Greeks Eat?

The Greeks of the 6th century BC timeframe lived on a rocky, difficult land. Most historians estimate that 30% or less of the country was able to be farmed at the time. This meant that farmers stuck with smaller livestock - chickens, pigs, goats, sheep. These animals could survive on what the land provided.

The main crop was barley, along with olives and wine grapes. The Greek culture loved wine, and would dilute it with water before drinking it. This was the universal drink. Olive oil was used for just about everything, from cooking to bathing to offerings to the Gods.

Other common foods included fish, onions, rabbit, pigeon, beans, and figs.

You can see the importance of olives, wine, and barley to the Greeks by looking at the pottery which survives. These three symbols are incredibly common as signs of fertility and abundance.

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