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The ancient Greeks, just like much of the modern world, felt that death was a passage for a person into another world. This was both a time of sorrow for those left behind as well as a celebration that the person had moved on. As food is extremely important in life, it also became a key part of this celebration.

Greeks traditionally held great feasts or banquets to help mark this transition. The family would leave both wine and water at the graveside to help the deceased on his travels in the next world.

Food was very strongly connected to the gods. Many Greeks felt that any meat that was eaten must first be dedicated to the gods in thanks. The god Demeter watched over bread - one of the Greek staples in the diet. Another staple was wine - the Greeks mixed water with their wine and drank this pretty constantly, as it was far healthier than the water was. The god for wine was Dionysis.

Beans, fish and olive oil were also key features of the Greek diet and figured prominantly at funeral banquets.

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