At least six separate protests are going on at the Saturday play of the Masters Tournament - including a protest of all the protests.

Turnout is lower than originally anticipated for the main protest, organized by Martha Burk and complaining about the Augusta National golf club's rule against women joining the club. Her group has been given access to a lot 1/2 mile from the entrance to stage their protest.

Joining her are several other groups, each making its own stand. A Klu Klux Klan group from Georgia is rallying for the club, as is a group from Florida. Jesse Jackson supports Burke, so an anti-Jesse Jackson group is rallying against his interference. A one-man pro-war group is supporting the US troops in Iraq.

And finally, there is an anti-protest protest. Locals formed a group called "People Against Ridiculous Protests" (or PARP for short). They came, planted their anti-protest signs, and walked out.

Over 100 police were on hand to keep the various protest organizations apart from each other and watching that they did not harass the attendees.

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