Much of improving your golf game involves practice, practice, and more practice. To know how to practice efficiently, you first need to know what to work on. The best way to know this is to keep a golf journal.

Carry a small notebook with you when you practice or play, and keep notes on how you are doing. Note how the balls tend to fly - do they go left or right? Are they too low, or too high? Pay attention to your stance. Do you notice that your left arm is bending too soon, or not staying straight in the follow-through? Do you find yourself in the wrong stance?

For any game you play, write down notes for each hole. First, indicate whether or not your fairway shots actually hit the fairway. These would be the shots that weren't supposed to end on the green based on the par for the course. So on a Par 4 hole, the first swing should land on the fairway (i.e. not the grass or trees or rough). The second shot should get to the green, and the last two would be putts.

Next, track your "greens in regulation" for the game. For each hole, note whether or not you got onto the greens within the par for that hole. So on a Par 4 hole, if you get onto the greens with the first or second shot, that would be a yes.

Since you're always expected to take two putts on each hole, write down the number of putts you take each time.

Golf is a sport, so much of doing well involves being in good shape and well rested. Keep notes on whether you're feeling tired or achy in certain parts of your body.

You might be surprised how clearly a pattern shows up once you look back over a few weeks of notes. Track down what seems to be the most common problem, and start working on it. You'll find your game improving as you do!

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